Partner: AllRisk Valbeveiliging

Country: The Netherlands

Solution: XSRail Overhead system (★★★★)

Comprehensive solution with XSRail overhead system

In 2020, a new building seemed to have risen on Grote Bickersstraat, on Bickerseiland in the heart of Amsterdam. De Walvis, the former home of TNS NIPO, underwent a transformation according to the design by KAAN architects.

The transformation involved an extensive renovation of the 10,000 m2 building. The building was completely stripped it down to its shell, preserving only the floors, columns, and core, while addressing all other elements thoroughly. This encompassed the installation of an aluminum curtain wall covering over 4000 m2, which includes a walkable glass cleaner’s platform on each floor.

To safely access the platform, XSPlatforms designed special brackets to fit in an XSRail overhead system. Eventually XSPlatforms partner AllRisk installed the system on each floor of the building.

Safe access for work at height

With this XSRail system, maintenance personnel can hook onto two XSRail runners, a follower guided along the XSRail trajectory. Once hooked, they can walk around the platform surrounding the building.

In total, the building comprises 8 floors with a total length of approximately 564 m of XSRail. The facades from the 1st to the 6th floor alone feature 336 meters of rail.

Biodiversity with green roof

A green roof with sedum has been installed on the top floor. For safe access to this building section, an XSLinked horizontal lifeline system has been installed, additionally complemented with single anchor points.

The result is a beautiful, sustainable, and above all, safe office building ready for the future!

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