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Every building is different, whether it is in shape or height, no structure is the same. At XSPlatforms this is also how we view our projects. Industrial buildings each have their own challenges when it comes to worker safety at height. Each site has different work activities that need to be conducted at height and thus requires different solutions. In this image we would like to explain some of the most common fall protection situations for the general industry and the superior safety solutions that XSPlatforms offers.


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Every worksite has different tasks that need to be performed at height. Although worker activities at height can differ, from general cleaning and maintenance duties to repairs to solar systems or machinery, the risk of a fall is always present. There are lots of situations on and in a building where a fall could occur.

It is always an absolute must to provide safe (roof) access for workers to reach the surface where the intended work needs to be done. In environments where everybody is constantly on the move it is very important for workers to keep focus on what they are doing. The smallest distraction can cause a person to lose his balance and fall from the building or structure he is working on.


Anyone who has to work at height faces the risk of falling. Since falls are among the most common causes of work-related injuries, all over the world, many legislators have enforced strict rules to keep those working at height safe. One of the more outspoken legislators for worker safety in the general industry is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) – the main legislator in the United States of America. In January 2017, OSHA presented a new “final rule” for the General Industry based on Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standards. Next to the importance of the right of fall protection equipment, the rule states that all workers who are exposed to potential fall hazards need fall protection training.


Anyone who has to work at height should receive training before the work is started. Workers need to learn about the risks involved with the jobsite, the fall protection measures and the right way to use the equipment. Not providing training is a serious matter. A lot of calamities in the general industry can be traced back to insufficient knowledge and lack of training.

Training employees protects them from harm, prevents costly incidents, and guards the company from negative backlash and high fines. Proper training and use of fall protection protects the company’s bottom line.


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