Partner: AllRisk Valbeveiliging

Country: The Netherlands

Solution: XSLinked horizontal lifeline (★★★★) on overhead structure

Fall protection for window cleaners are ideal for their work at height. In 2010, architect Jan Splinter designed the office building Jonckerweg near the dune and flower bulb region in South Holland, specifically in Noordwijk. With characteristic features such as clarity, transparency, and sustainability, Jonckerweg is a feast for the eyes for anyone who appreciates spatial design. This sustainable office complex consists of 2 floors with glass-washing balconies situated all around the exterior.

Fall protection for window cleaners

To ensure the safety of window cleaners working at height, we needed to equip the building with fall protection. In this case traditional fall protection methods, such as installing a guardrail, would compromise the building’s aesthetics. Collective fall protection on the balconies was not an option.

To maintain both the aesthetics and establish safety for window cleaners, AllRisk provided fall protection in the form of an XSLinked ceiling system in 2010. This system consisted of a horizontal lifeline with an accompanying runner (XSSlider). The window cleaner could easily secure themselves to the system using a harness + lanyard or fall arrest device and safely access the balcony.

After 13 years, inspection revealed that the XSLinked system needed replacement. Van der Wiel Bouw decided to enlist AllRisk once again. The renewed system continues to employ the same safety method for window cleaners.

New XSLinked brackets and bends on the ceilings

The outdated system consisted of molded bends and brackets from XSPlatforms. Due to the unavailability of these components, the decision was made to replace the entire system.

A new XSLinked system was installed on both floors. Because the fittings of the brackets and bends were the same as the old components, the AllRisk installers didn’t need to drill new holes. The floors were thus equipped with 246 meters of steel cable stretched around the building.