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Each work environment demands a different solution when it comes to worker safety. Even within a certain industry, such as marine and off-shore manufacturing, it can be that various solutions need to be applied on one site. XSPlatforms is an all-in-one supplier when it comes to safe working at height; from roof protection systems, such as horizontal lifelines, to Rail systems and PPE. At XSPlatforms you are guaranteed with the right solution for each job and worksite.


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Working in marine environments, such as harbor areas, means you are working at one of the most risky work environments possible and that personal safety is of utmost importance. Most manufacturing plants have strict regulations about wearing Personal Protective Equipment, like protective shoes, safety helmets, glasses and of course fall protection PPE such as harnesses and connecting devices.

Slips, trips and falls are common in most industries, but together with wet and slippery environments this can be a very dangerous combination. One slip can mean you will fall several meters/feet down, resulting in serious injuries, fractures or even drownings.


Workers at a manufacturing location can expect to work outdoors and be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and the additional hazards. Worker activities can include the fabrication and forming of large steel plates, beams and pipes as well as additional sheet metal work, electrical work, welding, painting and coating, work on propulsion systems, and numerous other tasks.

Choosing the right safety solution that fits the job is not only the first step, but also the most important step, during a day of work. The appointed HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) manager should have an adequate safety plan available to guarantee each workers personal safety.


There are a lot of common work activities that take place at a shipyard, like demolition and electrical work, the construction of new ships or maintenance and repairs to existing ships.

It can be a very complex work environment and may have 100 to 5.000 people working there. At a shipyard, work is conducted on many types of ships, from small fishing vessels to cargo carriers, oil tankers or military ships. Work takes place on board or the inside of a ship or at the yard itself. For example when working on the exterior of a ship.


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