A strong safety culture within an organization will help keep everyone safe. Hazards are dealt with timely, safety procedures are set up and incidents are prevented. But creating a positive safety culture takes effort. To help in shaping your safety culture we have written a series of blog posts regarding the subject.

Tips for a positive safety culture

The first blog in our series entails a list of tips to help you create a positive safety culture in a responsible way.

Improve safety with leading indicators

Leading indicators are a tool to help prevent incidents from happening. This blog and the corresponding download will help you get started with leading indicators to prevent fall accidents.

How to create active involvement?

Building and maintaining a safety culture is a long-term process. Employee involvement and strong leadership are valuable assets in creating a safety culture. In this blog we provide tips on how to create active involvement.

Safety cultures pay off

Safety cultures pay off is a response to a survey from Australia that showed 1 in 10 workers are afraid to report workplace safety issues.


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