Skylight fall protection on green roofs

Partner: AllRisk Valbeveiliging

Country: The Netherlands

Solution: Kee Dome Skylight fall protection (★★★★)

Skylight fall protection for safe green roof maintenance

Skylight fall protection is essential on roofs with skylights and roof windows. On greenroofs, skylights can be invisible until it’s too late.

Leerpark Dordrecht is a developing urban district. Meeting, connecting, and inspiring are its core values, as is the case for the VVE Newton. This Owners’ Association manages one of the unique roofs of Leerpark, namely a green roof where something is in bloom every season.

This so-called rooftop garden is adorned with various flora, promoting biodiversity. Different types of butterflies and bees find solace and thrive amidst the many flowers and plants.

The rooftop garden covers an area of 2×300 m2, with an irrigation system installed to provide water for the garden. Additionally, there are 4 skylights situated among them, offering natural light to the underlying studios.

Fall protection for the protection of the gardeners

In this situation the skylights pose a risk of falling, especially in combination with the irrigation hoses, which create a tripping hazard.

To protect professional gardeners from the fall hazard, AllRisk decided to shield these skylights with Kee Dome Minis. This collective fall protection safeguards maintenance personnel, the skylight itself, and the people in the space below. While the Kee Cover shields the gardener from falling hazards, it also maintains the natural light through the skylight.

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