The XSRail system

Our Rail systems consists of a rigid horizontal rail, combined with a runner, which allows users to safely work on heights. The functionality of this Rail system can be compared with a horizontal lifeline. Both systems have their own features and advantages.

The advantage of the rail system over a lifeline system is that rail has less deflection when a fall occurs. Because of this, the fall distance is shorter than with a lifeline system. So, for projects and situations where limited fall clearance is available, an XSRail system will be the best solution. When using an automatic fall arrest device, it arrests the user almost immediately in case of a fall, ensuring quick response and safety.

All advantages of the system

  • Limited deflection, which requires less fall clearance;
  • Easily integrate the XSRail into a building structure, such as the ceiling;
  • Secures up to 6 users simultaneously on a single span;
  • Configuration with relatively limited number of components, due to longer span lengths (up to 6 meter per section);
  • Low maintenance; suitable for industrial and/or marine environments;
  • Easy installation using an Allen Key and a socket wrench.
Rail systems


The conformity of the XSRail system has been approved by SATRA Technology Centre Ltd. (United Kingdom) according to the European Standards:

  • EN 795:2012 type D – Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor devices
  • EN/TS 16415:2013 type D – Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor devices – Recommendations for anchor devices for use by more than one person simultaneously.

The corrosion resistance of all XSPlatforms fall protection products is tested according to ISO 9227:2012. Furthermore the horizontal XSRail system has been designed to meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • ANSI Z359 (Fall Protection Code) and OSHA 1926.502.M:2011 (North America)
  • CSA Z259.16-15:2017 (Canada)
  • AS/NZS 1891.2:2001 (Australia and New Zealand)


Our horizontal XSRail systems make installation easy on flat or low-sloped concrete roofs, walls, and ceilings of rigid overhead structures. You can also mount this versatile system on ceilings or incorporate it into rigid overhead structures, such as steel I-beams.

Similar to other fall protection systems by XSPlatforms, the XSRail system is constructed using modular components. This design allows for the use of several products for all three types of installations: roof, wall, and overhead.

Rail systems for roof


Rail systems for wall


Rail systems for overhead



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