Why do you need to protect skylights on a roof?


Skylights and roof windows can inadvertently pose a risk of falling. Generally, these elements made of polycarbonate are considered non-vulnerable. However, this rule only applies during the construction phase of the building. Once the building is handed over, skylights and roof windows are still considered vulnerable. Why is that?

Material strength loss

Fall protection not only depends on the strength and durability of the skylight material itself but also on all aspects of the installation. Even if there is no loss of strength in the polycarbonate, the installation may have been compromised. This is especially true for recessed skylights.

Degradation process

Polycarbonate is extremely strong and durable but can experience premature failure with serious consequences. Plasticizers, contact with steel, or even an errant strip of PVC tape can accelerate the degradation process and weaken the polycarbonate. Prolonged exposure to weather conditions, particularly UV radiation, also weakens the structure and accelerates the degradation process.

Industry interest groups will never recommend long-term fall protection for skylights because there is not enough control over factors other than the strength of the skylight that can influence fall protection. This is especially true for polycarbonate, as its strength can be compromised if not handled correctly.

Conclusion – Skylight protection

In conclusion, while skylights and roof windows made of polycarbonate may initially seem non-vulnerable during the construction phase, they pose ongoing risks once the building is completed and handed over. This vulnerability arises from factors such as material strength loss and the degradation process polycarbonate can undergo over time. Given these concerns, XSPlatforms offers Kee Cover and Kee Dome solutions to provide comprehensive fall protection measures, ensuring the ongoing safety of occupants and workers alike.

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Advice or information on shielding skylights

Skylights and roof windows can be shielded with various solutions. Would you like to know more about shielding skylights or light strips? Or do you need a custom quote? For more information, call +31 183 569 111 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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