Working safely in confined spaces? Work with mobile fall protection!

mobile fall protection in confined spaces

If you work in confined spaces, you need to use mobile fall protection (personal protective equipment or PPE). As a work-at-height professional, you know the risks. You simply can’t imagine not being able to quickly get out of a working space if needed. In this blog, we will tell you what mobile fall protection you can use to work safely in confined spaces.

Mobile fall protection does not only provide safety while you work at height. It also offers fall protection where safe descent and fast ascent are required. It is suitable for many applications, from industries where work is to be done in a tank such as in a drainage or sewerage system.

Tripod in confined spaces

When you work in confined spaces with mobile fall protection, it is essential to anchor yourself properly. In many cases, a tripod offers the right solution as an anchor point. A tripod enables people and any equipment to descend and ascend. It is placed above a hole or drain, and a worker needs to attach himself to it by means of a lifeline. A tripod is suitable for use in pipes, tanks, hatches and other underground works in confined spaces.

You can use two sets of mobile fall protection in combination with a tripod:

  1. Tripod with winch: an automatic fall arrest device with winch function and a harness belt
  2. Tripod with winch: an automatic fall arrest device and harness belt

The picture shows a tripod with fall arrest device and winch function.


Why work with mobile fall protection?

Working with mobile fall protection in confined spaces has two important advantages:

  1. When a fall happens, the fall arrest device will immediately stop your fall.
  2. By using a fall arrest device with winch function, you can be hoisted up in case of a fall (or if you are incapable of getting out yourself).

Frequent work in the same place? 

If work is being carried out frequently in the same place, a permanent fall protection system like a vertical lifeline can be installed. You must wear your harness and be attached to the lifeline to ensure you can execute your work. We also advise using a tripod in combination with permanent fall protection so that in case of emergency, the correct actions can be performed quickly and efficiently.

Generally speaking, any work conducted in confined spaces must be well planned. Risks must be assessed upfront so they can be controlled. Nevertheless, dangerous and even life-threatening situations can still arise during work. At such a moment, it is imperative that you get out of the confined space quickly. If you can’t, your colleague can help you. In this situation, mobile fall protection can be a life saver.

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