Roof protection

During construction you’ll see that a roof will need to be accessed on a regular bases. Providing roof safety materials or edge protection equipment is a must when working at height. Workers can need access to a roof for the placement of roofing materials or perhaps the installation of Building Maintenance Unit such as a roof car or its track. When providing fall protection on a roof there are two categories of solutions on hand: temporary and permanent fall protection matters. Let’s enlighten one type of system per category here.

Working on a roof always brings a risk of falling off. Especially when some (or all) roof edges aren’t properly shielded off by for example a (temporary) guardrail. For these situations a horizontal lifeline system, such as the XSLinked system, can offer an outcome. This lifeline system is easily installed on with one anchor (per base plate). XSLinked systems can either be installed straight on to the roof structure or on top of the roofing materials (insulation etc.) in a later phase.  Read more…

In many (local and national) laws it is described that a collective solution is preferred above a personal fall protection solution. The main reason for this recommendation is because when guardrails are set in place alongside the edge of for example a roof, the entire fall hazard is taken away at once.

Legislators want building owners (or those who are responsible for a job site) to rather take away the entire possibility of a fall than to have workers use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the hazard. XSFlex guardrail systems can be installed on top of almost any type of roof structure without having to drill into the structure.

By means of concrete counterweights the uprights are kept into place. This type of XSGuardrail robust and easy to remove which makes them ideal for the use during construction periods. Read more…


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