Guardrail fall protection systems

Our guardrail fall protection systems are easy to install, resulting in a short installation period. This enables you to save on the installation costs. Furthermore, when opting for the XSFlex guardrail, the (roof) surface isn’t damaged and the system can be folded down to hide it. With guardrail systems you provide edge protection to everyone working at height.

  • High-end, stable guardrail system.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to install with only one tool
  • Short installation time
  • Flexible usage (fixed, removable and foldable)
  • No damage to roof surface (free-standing guardrails)
  • Less uprights needed for longer distances

Types of guardrails

We distinguish two types of guardrails: freestanding and fixed.
All types of XSPlatforms guardrails have a maximum distance of 2,44 meters between each upright. This means that less uprights are needed when a long distance needs to be covered by the guardrail system.



This type of guardrail is not fixed to the (roof) surface. It is held in place by heavy counterweights (approx. 23 kg/50 lbs each) placed on the horizontal beam of the guardrail. The advantage of these guardrails is that they can be removed if needed. Furthermore, no drilling is necessary to mount the system,
so the risk of leakage is eliminated.

Our freestanding XSGuardrails have no impact on the structure.  The risk of leakage is eliminated, because it is not necessary to drill holes in the roof. Also, freestanding XSGuardrails can easy be removed.

XSFix (Europe only)

The XSFix guardrail is only available for the European market.

This freestanding guardrail is kept in place with counterweights. The XSFix system allows for larger spand distances between each upright, the system can cover 2,8 meters between uprights. Additionally this is our most lightweight system yet. Making it even easier to install.

XSFix freestanding guardrail


This type of guardrail is, as the name suggests, fixed to the surface. In general, this guardrail is mounted to a roof surface or parapet. The advantage is that the guardrail system is always present and safe
access to the roof is always possible for anyone.



When a parapet is lower than the safety standards prescribe to safely access a roof, a guardrail can be mounted to raise the barrier and create a safe zone. This type of guardrail is either mounted on top
(XSParapet Fixed) or on the inside (XSWall Fixed) of the parapet/wall.


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