The 4 rules of a positive safety culture

QHSE managers (also called HSE managers or HSE officers) have a very important role within a company when it comes to setting guide lines for a safe work environment. They are the ones who are responsible that everybody can go home safe after their work is done. But being responsible and acting responsible are two different things.

In this article we would like to zoom in on what we think is a responsible way to create, implement and maintain a positive safety culture within a (large) company.

QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

As said, it is the job of the assigned safety officer to actively strive for a safe working environment and making sure that all concerned personnel work by the companies safety rules. Here are some tips to help QSHE managers which can lead to a positive safety culture amongst both staff and management.

1. Hands-on mentality

For a starter, it is of utmost importance that the HSE manager has a hands-on mentality; someone that profiles with the other workers and the people who are under his/her management. And maybe more important: someone that understands the risks that are dealt with on a day to day bases.

2. Worker involvement

Personnel want to be heard by management. There is no difference in this when it comes to an everyday desk job with a minimum amount of risks or to a more physical (and risk full) production job.

It is important to address and reward worker involvement, right from the start. At the very first beginning of someone’s career at a company, newly hired employees need explanation of the company’s safety culture and the company’s commitment to guarantee worker safety.

For all other workers safety should have a top position at every work-related meeting. Kick off the meeting by evaluating the current safety status, recent incidents, points of improvement or just take this moment to hand out compliments to workers who have handled certain situations very well.

Daily assessment, explaining the safety culture among colleagues. 

3. Daily assessments

Speaking of meetings, daily get-together-moments can also lead to improvement of the safety culture. Before activities start the safety officer in charge gets the team together to discuss the line of work that has to be done. These meetings can run simultaneously with the Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) that must be performed before each job. Together you work down a checklist of safety measures to see if all involved equipment is on hand and if the eyed activities can safely be performed.

Interested to read more about LMRA and download a free checklist template? See our previous blog on this subject.

4. Train the trainer

Of course anyone with a healthy mind is capable of making decisions regarding their personal safety, but it’s the HSE manager who is technically responsible for the workers health. Therefore it is very important that safety officers stay up-to-date with all regulations and materials involved in their daily business.

A principle that certain companies have taken into work is the train-the-trainer-concept. Within this concept an appointed staff member (mostly the QSHE manager) is thoroughly trained by a manufacturer or supplier of for example Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to learn all ins-and-outs on a certain product or work situation.

With this training in the books he or she (the QHSE manager) can go back to their company to start a dedicated training program of their own and distribute the gathered knowledge amongst co-workers.

A training session held at a manufacturer.

How can XSPlatforms contribute?

As a supplier and manufacturer of permanent fall protection and fall protection PPE, XSPlatforms is happy to contribute to other company’s safety cultures.

This is why, amongst other things, XSPlatforms offer various types of training for our dedicated Partners. This way our Partners are ready to assist companies who need their active help. You can also download our safety culture poster, including the “4 rules of a Positive Safety Culture” by the download button.

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