Prevent scaffolding accidents from happening


Through the years, we have seen some serious accidents with scaffolding all over the world. Severe winds led to collapsed scaffolding in Gibraltar and the United States, thankfully without any casualties. Even worse, there have been a lot of fatal accidents when scaffolding collapsed and workers fell several stories in the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

All over the world accidents with scaffolds happen. These accidents can almost always be fitted in four categories; falls from height, collapsing scaffolds, being struck by falling objects and electrocution. As we want everyone to work at height safely so they can return home to their families without incident, we’ve decided to put together a list of tips for working with scaffolds.

Scaffold requirements differ from country to country, and even within countries legislation may vary. Always check the local regulations applicable to your work site when using a scaffold and ensure the safety everyone working on or under the scaffold.

Personal Protective Equipment

Secondly, ensure that all those who have to access the roof are aware of the safety procedures and are equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as protective boots, safety glasses, a safety helmet and gloves. Additionally, depending on what type of fall protection is necessary to keep workers safe, fall protection PPE needs to be worn. For example, a full body harness with a lanyard so that a worker can attach to a horizontal lifeline system.

Download poster with safety tips

To help employers and employees with scaffold safety we’ve compiled 10 tips on a poster. Print this poster and hang it somewhere everyone can see to keep safety on scaffolding top of mind.

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