horizontal lifelines with ODIN

Designing engineered horizontal lifelines with the ODIN tool

An engineered horizontal lifeline system is an excellent fall protection measure for those who have to move around while working at height. The lifeline, spanned between multiple anchor points, can be installed in roof, wall and overhead situations, over long lengths. An engineered system is especially fitting for areas at height where work has to be carried out frequently. A calculation tool is needed at custom engineered projects.

Custom engineered projects

Permanently installed horizontal lifelines are often custom engineered to fit a project. Engineering a horizontal lifeline seems like an easy task. But a horizontal lifeline is more than just a steel wire between two anchor points. Before installing a lifeline system a lot of calculations have to be made. The loads that the system and building structure must be able to handle in case a fall occurs, the deflection of the system and the fall clearance available for a project are just some of the important variables that determine if a system is safe to use or not.

These calculations are difficult and time consuming to execute by hand, and leave room for miscalculation. This is why, at XSPlatforms, we developed a tool to calculate engineered (or lifeline) systems. With ODIN you can get an engineered horizontal lifeline designed specifically for a project along with the documentation that the system complies with the OSHA and/ or CSA criteria.

fall protection systems

ODIN, a lifeline calculation tool

ODIN is an online lifeline calculation tool designed specifically to custom engineer fall arrest or work positioning lifeline systems. The tool allows users to test system designs and loads to meet OSHA or CSA safety standards.

To start a calculation of an engineered system ODIN requires a set of variables to be filled in, for example the foundation material, the purpose of the system and the applicable safety standard. Whether you want a system for fall arrest or work restraint, ODIN helps you calculate the system and its safety. After all variables are filled in ODIN will make several calculations of the proposed lifeline based on the most precise (test)data in the market. This automatic calculation saves costly time and eliminates pricey errors.

Fall protection report

The report generated after calculation not only provides you with a schematic system drawing, it also shows you if the system complies with OSHA or CSA regulations. The in-depth report shows the results for the entire lifeline system, in conjunction with the results per section. If the engineered system is verified to be safe and in compliance to OSHA or CSA standards, then ODIN generates the complete safety documentation for the end-user. This certificate is invaluable in proving the system complies with the applicable OSHA standards should a workplace get inspected. The safety documentation is also beneficial in insurance or liability cases. Should calculations prove that a proposed system fails any of the essential tests then the calculations have to be redone.

Advantages of the calculation tool

  • Easily design engineered lifeline systems.
  • Calculate either work restraint or fall arrest systems.
  • Prevents miscalculations; no manual calculations are required.
  • Save on time; system calculations are executed quickly by the tool.
  • Based on most precise calculations in the industry.
  • ODIN also calculates energy absorption, to protect structural integrity.
  • ODIN verifies engineered system compliance with:
    • EN795:2012 & CEN/TS16415 (Europe),
    • ANSI 2359.6:2009 (United States), or
    • CSA 2259.16-04:2009 (Canada).
  • ODIN generates complete set of safety documentation, including test results and instructions.
  • ODIN provides confirmation that the system meets project requirements.

Take a look at an example report

A properly engineered and tested lifeline system is crucial in providing safety for those working at height. XSPlatforms’ ODIN allows for easy calculation and testing of engineered systems. You can download an example of an ODIN report, with explanations for each section, here.

An ODIN report is free for end-users if they become customer at XSPlatforms. The ODIN tool is exclusively available for XSPlatforms Partners. If you want more information on becoming an XSPlatforms Partner, please contact us directly or send us a request for information.

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