Most accidents that happen in construction and related industries are fall accidents. People often underestimate the risk of falling they face, because the job will only take a few minutes. Therefore there is a number of proper precautions that need to be taken before someone enters an unsafe work area at height. One of those precautions is taking a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA).

What is a LMRA?

A Last Minute Risk Analysis is a short and final assessment of the workplace, filled out by workers. Often a LMRA is a short checklist that has a few common subjects; safety, health and environment. The purpose of a LMRA is to create awareness and exclude potential risks.

Why conduct a LMRA before working at height?

A LMRA needs to be performed to ensure that the estimated risk and the measures that are taken are consistent with the situation at the workplace. It is important that a Last Minute Risk Analysis is always in compliance with the local rules and regulations.

5 reasons why a LMRA is necessary:

  • Identify and reduce any risks of an incident at the workplace
  • The working situation may have changed before the work has started, possibly creating new dangerous situations.
  • Make workers more aware about their safety while working at height
  • (Partly) exclude the risk of bad habits and a better assess of fall hazards.
  • Confront and control any possible risk: If a risk is reported, measures need to be taken to create a safe environment for the workers.

When and where to perform a LMRA?

A LMRA needs to be performed:


  • Right before work starts
  • If circumstances change while working
  • If changes have been made to the workplace/area


  • In the vicinity of the workplace, so you can overview the situation, the equipment, the environment (for example weather) and other possible risks, while being safe from danger.

If you have any doubts concerning safety, always consult a competent person or supervisor who can assess the situation and/or take measures to secure the workplace.

Download an example of a LMRA for working at heights

Interested in how a LMRA can look like for your workplace? Download our LMRA template, immediately ready to use. Print it to use it on the workplace, or contact us for a LMRA for your specific situation or needs.

Last Minute Risk Analysis


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