XSMD & XTrusion: The next-generation roof base plates


XSPlatforms is proud to introduce the next generations of XSMD and Xtrusion roof base plates. With these latest additions, our modular range of fall protection for roofs is now finished.

Our offer of fall protection for roofs covers almost any type of roof surface, with just three different base plates (XSBase plate, XSMD and XTrusion). All of these base plates are tested in accordance with EN 795:2012, which makes our range of fall protection solutions 100% future proof.

The cone-shaped XSMD is used for trapezoidal roofs. XTrusion can also be used for standing seam roof profiles.

XSMD XTrusion Roof Base Plates

What’s new?

The designs of both of these base plates have been significantly improved for increased anchor strength and applicability on roof profiles of different sizes.

Also, these next-generation base plates can be installed much quicker than before. Installation requires only a few simple actions, all of which can be completed from above.

Modular fall protection systems for roofs

At XSPlatforms, simplicity defines quality. We believe that a fall protection solution does not have to be complicated. That’s why our range of fall protection solutions for roofs consists of only three base plates, all of which are compatible with a number of additional components. This way, it becomes incredibly easy to compose a fall protection solution that suits the particular needs of a project.

About base plates
A base plate is used as an anchor point. Anchor points can be used separately (as a single anchor point) or together (if they are connected by a horizontal lifeline) to secure individual users working on roofs. Users secure themselves by connecting their lanyard – which is attached to the safety harness they wear – to the anchor point or the horizontal lifeline.

To discover the potential of our modular range of fall protection solutions for your project, it’s best to contact us directly.

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