Fall protection solution for a walkway of an overhead crane

Marine and off-shore manufacturing locations usually involve heavy machinery, as in this case: an overhead hoisting crane, often applied at dockyards and/or ship repair areas. Machinery like cranes require regular maintenance. This may require access to areas at large heights so that personnel can reach hoisting mechanisms or other important parts of these units. Providing the right fall protection equipment is an absolute must in these situations and various solutions can be applied. Let us explain two of these options.

Horizontal Rail System

Once the top of an overhead crane is reached, workers will need to be protected (restrained) against a potential fall. Since guardrails can obstruct the workers in maintaining objects underneath the crane, a lifeline or horizontal rail system can be more desirable. Workers can attach themselves by means of a lanyard to the systems runner and so easily move along the trajectory while being constantly anchored. Read more…

Permanent Guardrail system

Since structures like overhead cranes can be of great height, maintenance personnel who travel to their working area will need resting platforms to prevent them from having to climb the distance at once. In order to protect working platforms, walkways or other types of open edges a guardrail can be applied. As seen here, a permanent XSGuardrail system is installed along the edges of the resting platform in order to protect workers against potential fall hazards. Read more…


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