Fall-through hazards are not only present on roofs with skylights, but can also occur in the building itself, or even when the building is still under construction. Construction has many situations that expose carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and plasterers to fall-through hazards. XSPlatforms offer various void protection systems that prevent people from fall-through hazards into voids.

In home construction or in a building complex, stairwells cannot be enclosed with fencing. Similarly, the height in the stairwell cannot be safely approached. The fall hazard needs to be eliminated in any case so professionals can do their jobs safely. XSPlatforms offers a range of safety solutions that eliminate the danger of falling from floor level.

Temporary work platforms have been developed for this work that can be installed quickly and easily. This is because the floor gratings of these platforms are equipped with a scissor mechanism that can be stretched to the desired size. In addition, each floor grid can be expanded by extending it.

void protection against fall through hazards in construction work



These solutions are ideally suited for the construction industry, railroad workshops, vehicle maintenance garages, utilities, facilities, aviation and more. Each void protection system is rigorously tested under real working conditions and all tests are independently reviewed.

Void protection, fall protection against fall-through hazzards or voids


A versatile solution for such things as voids between exposed beams. The Coversafe Mats cover joists to prevent operatives from falling onto the joists of the floor below.

  • Designed for workers erecting truss roofs, tiling roofs or fitting felt and roof bracings, the CoverSafe mats are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

  • Constructed from aluminium the system creates a working platform that covers the ceiling members – ideal for use in timber frame house construction


A flexible attic crawl board suitable for inspecting attics, attics, hatches and small spaces in homes. Made from GRP material that protects against electric hazards.

  • Prevents shocks from faulty or broken electrical fittings or old wiring

  • Easy to install & adaptable – can be expanded to many sizes

  • Protects against falls through ceilings

void protection solution against fall hazards in stair wells


This void protection system increases safety when working at height and prevents falls on roofs and stairwells, all in compliance with applicable safety regulations.

  • Quick and easy to set up to prevent fall hazards in your stairwell

  • Stairwell remains accessible due to the accordion platform

  • Lightweight compared to other solutions


Protection Against Falls in Inspection Pits. They are designed to protect open inspection pits, are robust, adjustable, and quick and easy to use.

  • Safety for everyone

  • Robust yet lightweight

  • Prevents anyone in a garage or workshop from falling into an inspection pit, while still providing full access to the underside of the vehicle.