Present our fall protection PPE to your customer

Are you interested in the possibilities to add XSPlatforms fall protection PPE products to your assortment or offer it to your customers? We would be glad to inform you about all the possibilities that we offer to present our fall protection PPE in your shop. Even more so, we have developed a extended shelf planner to serve you and your customers in the best way possible.

With our XSPlatforms products you are ensured to have a premium appearance of fall protection PPE in your shop or at business events.

What differentiates us

We developed a shelf planner that insures an optimal presentation of fall protection PPE in your shop or for events. We used the ABC of fall protection to make it easier for customers to find the fall protection PPE they need for their job.

Our shelf layout, extensive POS material and luxury packaging will help draw the attention of customers in-shop or during events.

About our shelf planner

The shelf planner in summary:

  • Very comprehensive standard shelf planners with individual products and PPE fall protection sets.
  • Information display on the shelf allows for up & cross selling.
  • Monthly promotions with matching promotion material.
  • Various additional options to present fall protection in your shop or at events.
  • Train the trainer: who will become your safety expert?
  • Possibilities for expansion or specific preferences.

Download our shelf planner

Interested in our shelf planner or our vision on how to present fall protection PPE as a whole? Download our PPE shelf planner leaflet and see for yourself!


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