How to select the right harness?

Harness for working at height

When working at heights it’s not only important to wear personal protective equipment, it’s also vital that you choose the right fall arrest equipment. Most injuries resulting from a fall are a result of using the wrong kind of equipment.

Choosing the right harness can make a big difference, not only in working comfort but also in avoiding injuries or worse. There are quite a number of body harnesses in the market today and it will do you good to first know how to choose the right ones.

Here are some key pointers you need to consider:

  • Determine your work activity and your work environment. You would need a harness that is suitable to your specific industry. For example, when working in an industry filled with flammable gases, mists or vapors, the anti-static material of an ATEX-certified harness can prevent the risk of an electrostatic discharge that can cause an explosive atmosphere.
  • Identify the user. Who is going to use the harness? Most harnesses use universal sizing to fit the average person, it is better to get one that perfectly fits the user. The length between the leg strap and the chest strap of a universal harness may not fit a small person. In this case, be sure to get ones that are easily adjustable.
  • Consider comfort. One reason that body harnesses end up idly in storage is that users do not feel comfortable wearing them. Look for harnesses with comfortable and pliable padding. Stretchable webbings achieve perfect fit and comfort too. For example, a roofing company must consider a premium harness for its roofers to allow them to work comfortably outdoors.
  • Consider the right number of attachment points. The number of attachment points depends on your work activity and the level and requirement for safety. Attachment points refer to the areas that are secured where fall arrest forces are distributed – back, chest, hip, and stomach.

Choose those that are guaranteed safe. To be sure about the safety guarantee of the harness, check the label and the manufacturer. Harnesses should be certified by international standards for safety and quality like ISO, EN, ANSI, and CSA.

You may need an expert to help you get the best harness. In such case, consult an expert. After all, harnesses must, above all, safeguard life.

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  • Millie Hue
    3 August 2018 08:37

    Thanks for pointing out that the right harness is important since it will not only make you feel comfortable working, but it will also assure you that you will have no injuries. I have to share this with a friend of mine who will be buying harnesses since he and his other friends will be working on a scaffolding to create a graffiti art on a building. From what I know, it will be out of their passion. They won’t be paid or anything.

  • I’m glad you pointed out that using a harness is important since most injuries from falling are as a result of improper equipment. My friend is thinking of using scaffolding to paint an outdoor mural. I’ll share this info with her and let her know it’s important to choose the right harness.


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