Fall protection solution for permanent roof safety

The creation of a sustainable business has become increasingly important. This is something that you can see at large industrial companies, who want their locations to be self-sufficient. Generating and converting solar energy for day-to-day operations is getting more common amongst industrial facilities. In order to keep solar panels in the best shape, for optimal performance, they need maintenance regularly. Flat and low-sloped roofs are ideal for solar installations, but they require fall protection and roof safety for those working at height. XSPlatforms offers fall arrest and fall restraint systems for almost every type of roof and almost every situation. See the examples of our solutions below.

Guardrails by XSPlatforms come in different types, this makes it possible for us to serve our clients in their personal needs. For example, our range of free-standing guardrails, the XSFlex, can easily be installed on top of the roofing material without drilling into the roof surface. This makes this system ideal for situations where a temporary solution is required and collective measures are preferred. The XSFlex can also be installed in order to create a more permanent type of safety solution, for example to create a safe roof access for workers or personnel.

XSPlatforms also provides in a range of permanently mounted guardrails, the XSWall Fixed and XSParapet Fixed. These guardrails are mounted on the side of an existing roof parapet or directly onto the structure. Because these guardrails don’t require a horizontal beam, this application gives you some extra roof space for creating a walkway for workers or more room for the placement of roof installations such as extra PV-panels. Read more…

Creating optimal roof safety for almost every type of roof is one of our core businesses. Within our range we have various options for safe working on a roof, with one of the most applied solutions being our horizontal lifeline (HLL) system. A HLL system, like our XSLinked system, consists out of serval anchor points that are connected by a stainless steel AISI 316 wire-rope. The user of a system like this can attach himself by means of a full body safety harness, a fall arrest/fall restraint lanyard and a specially designed runner. These products combined with the HLL gives them the possibility to move freely along the systems trajectory and reach their required work area. Read more…


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