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Performing work, such as maintenance, at elevated areas always poses the risk of falling for those who carry out the job. In factories, or other industrial buildings, workers often need to access small walkways or platforms to perform their work. An overhead fall protection system, such as a ceiling mounted horizontal lifeline system, can offer the right protection to keep these workers safe. To provide access to multiple workers at once, XSPlatforms developed a revolutionary lifeline system which as the word “innovation” written all over it. Read more about this system and its advantages below.

As the only horizontal lifeline (HLL) system with multiple lifelines, our LinkedPro overhead system brings several practical advantages. Workers, in situations where overhead protection is needed, can connect themselves to different lifelines. When working with more than 1 person simultaneously they can pass each other without having to disconnect from the system. This feature is makes our LinkedPro system the most practical HLL on the market today. LinkedPro is very much suitable when multiple users need freedom of movement to efficiently perform their job without having to burden each other. Read more…

A SRL is equipped with an automatic braking system which activates in cases of sudden movement, such as when a fall occurs. This system ensures a minimum amount of fall distance and minimizes the chance of serious injuries. SRL devices come in various lengths so that the device can be fitted to the job that has to be done. Read more…


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