The world’s biggest cruise ship has XSPlatforms fall protection


For MS Harmony of the Seas℠, currently the biggest cruise ship on the planet, XSPlatforms has engineered custom XSLinked lifeline systems, for safe cleaning and maintenance work.

The latest addition to Royal Caribbean’s International Oasis Class was built by STX France in Saint-Nazaire, where the fall protection system was installed by Altivia, a Partner of XSPlatforms. After an extensive onsite fall hazard assessment, Altivia and XSPlatforms offered a solution for safe access to several heights including the radar system and the funnel of this floating city.

Following its pre-inaugural sailings from Southampton, Harmony of the Seas’ recent arrival in the city of Rotterdam was witnessed by thousands of spectators who, if they looked closely, could spot window washers anchored to the XSLinked lifelines at the front of the cruiser. The world’s largest cruise ship will remain in Europe for the summer of 2016, before crossing the Atlantic to cruise the Caribbean.

Harmony of the Seas Rear

Our Fall Protection Solution

A series of 22 lifelines were installed on Harmony of the Seas, at 7 different locations. To securely attach the lifeline systems to the structure of the ship, XSPlatforms developed several custom-made components from scratch. No less than 273 of these stainless-steel AISI 316 lifeline brackets were used in the project. All the lifelines on board of Harmony of the Seas add up to a total length of nearly 1 kilometer.

Also, the XSDynamic energy absorbers for this project underwent an epoxy treatment and will be sealed in a special sleeve, designed to prevent that they are affected by the intrusion of seawater. It is precisely in these small details that the experience and customer focus of XSPlatforms comes forth.

Fall protection for the maritime sector

As renowned experts of custom-made fall protection, XSPlatforms and Altivia were brought onboard of this project in the construction phase. This made it easier to consider the client’s demands and the special conditions of this project. Previous fall protection projects for the maritime sector were successfully completed by the same team.

In fact, shipowners have counted on this cooperation of fall protection experts since 2004. XSPlatforms and Altivia started to work on this project in 2014, when XSPlatforms was requested to design a custom solution for the inclined walls of Harmony of the Seas.

After yet another successful cooperation, it is likely that Altivia and XSPlatforms will be trusted with more projects for the maritime sector in France in the future.


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