Fall protection solution for working with a tank arm

Loading and unloading containers is a daily job when you refer to harbor areas. Another type of work that can be done here is tank cleaning. Workers will need to climb on top of the trailer in order to gain access to the hatch on top for cleaning the inside of the tank. Since the height of the trailer exceeds most (local) limitations concerning working at height, a fall protection or prevention solution must be applied. When a trailer is not equipped with foldable guardrails, as seen in some cases, our innovative rail system can offer the perfect solution.

Horizontal (overhead) XSRail System

In order to safely access the top of a tank trailer without risking a potential fall, workers must anchored to some sort of system to ensure their safety. The innovative rail solution that you can see here, consists out of a custom davit-arm equipped with a horizontal XSRail system for overhead use.

Combined with a self-retracting lanyard or automatic fall arrest device it guarantees cleaning personnel maximum freedom of movement with maximum protection. Due to its rigid nature and minimum deflection in case of a fall, a rail system such as the XSRail is highly suitable for application in places where a low fall clearance is available. Especially in combination with an SRL. This device blocks almost immediately in case of a fall, further minimizing the fall height of the user. Read more…


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