Fall Accidents in North America: the numbers


Our infographic about fall accidents in North-America is based on statistics from OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It explores the causes and the cost involved in fall accidents on the North American continent.

This infographic was made to create awareness about the real risk of falling. Because, as many safety experts will know, the risk of falling is often underestimated.

Numbers don’t lie

What percentage of fall accidents concerns a drop of more than 30 feet? What percentage of fall accidents result in head or neck injuries? These questions (and more) are answered in our infographic about fall accidents in North America.

Preventing fall accidents

The number of fall accidents in North America is alarmingly high, and calls for an increase in awareness about the risks and possible safety measures. Because one of the main reasons that so many preventable fall accidents are happening, is that fall hazards are often insufficiently recognized or underestimated.

As illustrated by this infographic, fall accidents are costing US employers a small fortune in compensation costs, not to mention all the other (indirect) expenses. Everyone involved in a fall accident will suffer terrible consequences, but none as much as the victim and the victim’s loved ones.

This infographic explains a harsh reality: the number of fall accidents in North America is way higher than it should be.

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Creating awareness is exactly what we aim to improve with this infographics. Feel free to share this infographic or request a printed copy.

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