Temporary anchorage

Open sides and edges pose a great risk when it comes to worker safety in the construction industry. Various tasks may need to be done on floor levels where unprotected edges are present. In order to create a safe workplace for workers at these levels there are various options which could be taken to mind.

Of course many laws state that the use of a collective solution, such as temporary guardrails, are preferred but in real life this isn’t always an option. Also, in order to install these guardrails, someone needs to enter the unprotected are on beforehand. XSPlatforms offers a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for fall protection purposes which can bring a solution in these types of cases.

One of the valid options for protecting workers against a fall on open sided platforms (or floor levels) is the use of temporary anchorage. In this case you can see the use of a Sling (a temporary anchor point connected to a concrete beam) in combination with an XStop automatic fall arrest device. This device, also called a Self-Retracting Lifeline or Lanyard (SRL), connects the worker to the anchor point without obstructing his freedom of movement.

A SRL is equipped with an automatic braking system which activates in cases of sudden movement, such as when a fall occurs. This system ensures a minimum amount of fall distance and minimizes the chance of serious injuries. SRL devices come in various lengths so that the device can be fitted to the job that has to be done. Read more…


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