Temporary anchorage

Laying bricks, caulking, various painting, etc. All kinds of jobs which come to mind if you think of the construction (or maintenance) of a building. Jobs for which access to facade elements can be necessary and sometimes working at height can be desirable.

In order to create an anchor point for workers who work in unprotected areas the situation needs to be assessed on beforehand. Is there any possibility of mounting a permanent anchor or are there any tie back points available for temporary anchorage?

A personal tie back point can also temporarily be created by means of a sling anchorage system. A sling is a mobile attachment point made of polyamide webbing and comes in various sizes. This mobile anchor point can be connected to for example concrete beams inside a building and so create the possibility for direct user anchorage or installing a temporary lifeline as seen in this image. Read more…

A temporary horizontal lifeline (or horizontal anchor line) is a temporary adjustable lifeline system that can be connected to anchor points which are 5 and 25 meters (16.4 and 82 feet) apart. The advantage of using a temporary lifeline instead of an anchor point is that the user of the system has more freedom movement and a larger range when it comes to a work area. XSPlatforms offers two types of temporary anchor lines, one for a maximum of two users and one which can carry the loads of four users at the same time. Read more…


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