Determine which harness is needed for the job

Choosing the right harness can make a big difference. Not only when it comes to comfort, but also in safety and preventing serious injuries. XSPlatforms offers various types of harnesses for a wide arrange of purposes: from basic to specialized work.

The red arrows indicate the attachment points for fall arrest.
The blue arrows indicate the attachment points which can be used for positioning.
The green arrow indicates the attachment point for suspended use.

One attachment point

Dorsal attachment point to attach a restraint or fall arrest line. Also suitable for connecting a selfretractable lifeline or rope grab fall arrester.

Two attachment points

Dorsal and sternal attachment points. The sternal attachment is a D-ring or webbing-loops. Suitable for all fall protection systems, incl. a vertical lifeline.

Four attachment points

Dorsal, sternal and 2 connecting points at the hip to use in combination with a positioning line. Suitable for free hand labour.

Five attachment points

Dorsal, sternal, 2 work positioning and ventral attachment points. For rope access and suspended use.


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