Fall protection installation on roofs

Discover the fall protection solution for your roof structure

Being at an elevation means being faced with fall hazards. When working at height, on say, a roof, many different situations pose a risk to employees. Fall protection equipment is essential for keeping workers safe while at height. But not all fall protection solutions are suitable for all situations.

Some roof surfaces are more challenging to work on safely, and installing fall protection isn’t always a simple case of drilling a hole into a surface. To accommodate the most common roof surfaces we’ve developed three different base plates. These base plates form the basis of a fall protection system.

We often receive questions regarding the roof structure and the installation of fall protection. What installations can be made to concrete roof structures? What fall protection can be installed on standing seam roofs? To provide answers we constructed 3D images of a roof built up in combination with our fall protection systems.

Concrete, deep deck and plywood roofs

For roofs consisting of concrete, hollow concrete, cellular concrete or plywood the XSBase plate is used. This base of the anchor point or horizontal lifeline system is installed quickly with either a mechanical anchor or a toggle anchor. Installation is fast and easy, and the design of the base plate helps prevent leakage.

Fall protection on round seam roof structure

Standing round seam and standing double fold seam roofs

These type of roof structures pose a problem for ‘traditional’ installation methods. The base plate for these roof structures works with custom clamps. With these clamps the XTrusion base plate can easily be installed on round seam and double fold seam profiles.

Sandwich panels and trapezoidal cold roofs

To suit sandwich and trapezoidal cold roof profiles another special base plate was designed. The cone shape of the XSMD provides increased anchor strength. Once again the base plate can quickly and easily be installed on the roof surface.

Safety defines simplicity

Fall protection should not be complicated. That’s why XSPlatforms’ fall protection is modular. The three base plates allow for a combination with a number of additional components. Want to see more applications and read about the benefits? Open our product finder and discover the options available for roofs.

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