Fall protection for the prestigious Doha Metro

Fall protection for the Doha Metro

Qatar is swiftly working on their accessibility by linking the Greater Doha region to other regions and countries in the Persian Gulf by a large railway network. Part of this network is the development of the Doha Metro, fueled by both the upcoming World Cup of 2022 and Qatar’s 2030 vision.  Doha’s new metro network will feature 4 lines from which the Gold, Red and Green line are currently under construction and will open in 2020.

Architecturally the Doha Metro really stands out with its vaulted spaces and luxurious aesthetic. The inside of the stations are spacious, have decorated walls, vaulted ceilings and natural lighting.

The Doha Metro is an immense infrastructure project for Qatar, for which a vast amount of companies have to collaborate to achieve safe completion. XSPlatforms was asked to provide a variety of fall protection solutions for a number of stations in the metro project to keep those working at height safe.

The Gold Line

The Doha Metro Gold Line, also known as the Historic Line, extends from the Ras Bu Abboud Station in the East to Sport City in the west. This metro line crosses one of the largest metro stations in the world, a project that XSPlatforms was also involved in for providing fall protection. This interchange station, Msheireb, connects the Green, Red and Gold metro lines.

The Gold Line has an estimated length of 32 kilometers (20 mi) and comprises of 11 stations. XSPlatforms was asked to provide fall protection for another 8 stations on this metro line: Bin Mahmoud Station, National Museum of Qatar Station, Ras Bu Abboud Station, Al Aziziyah Station, Al Waab Station, AlSadd Station, Joan Stadium, Al Sudan Station and Sports City Station. These stations comprise of 19 shelters which require an XSLinked horizonal lifeline system on the roof for safe access and roof maintenance.

Fall protection solution and specially designed ladders
For the 8 new stations on the Gold line, XSLinked horizontal lifeline systems are installed on the roofs for safe access. A total of 2850 m (9350 ft.) of lifelines will be installed on rigid posts on the steel columns of the roofs.

Additionally, 159 specially designed ladders are supplied to access the catwalk areas between the roof and the false ceiling. All ladders are tri-fold ladders, which will be installed inside the lighting fixture. When the ladders are folded they will be enclosed inside the fixtures as to not impose on the station’s design.

Render of the inside of a Doha Metro station - Picture by Qatar Railways

The Red Line

The Red Line is also known as the Coast Line and runs for about 40 kilometers (25 mi.), along 18 stations. It connects Al Wakra in the south to Lusail in the North. This metro line also connects Hamad International Airport to the center of the city.

XSPlatforms was asked to provide 5 stations with a fall protection solution, Al Bidda Station, Corniche Station, DECC Station, Al Qassar Station and Katara Station.

Together with the other metro lines, the Red Line is a part of the project to build the new infrastructural mobility system for Qatar.

Indoor fall protection
For the stations on the Red Line, XSPlatforms supplied a fall protection solution for the inside area above the escalators. Combined over all 5 stations, 800 m (2625 ft.) of XSLinked horizontal lifeline is installed on rigid posts fixed on the concrete structure.

Doha Metro Depot and Stabling Yard – B05 & B15

The Doha Metro Depot and Stabling Yard has a capacity of 90 trains, of 3 cars in length. Recently XSPlatforms has also become involved in this project to provide a fall protection solution for the depot. A horizontal lifeline system, with a total length of 275 meters (902 ft.), is installed to serve as fall arrest system.

Doha Metro depots and stabling yard

Safety first

Safety is of utmost importance throughout the entire development of the Doha Metro. Workers are extensively trained before going on site, to ensure the zero harm policy can be enforced. XSPlatforms is proud to provide fall protection equipment to help create a safe work environment for those working at height on and in the impressive stations of the Doha Metro.

Want to learn more about our fall protection solutions? Download our fall protection brochure or contact us.

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