Adding roof safety guardrails to your 3D or BIM model

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Adding safety features to a 3D or BIM model of a construction project is nothing new. We do it all the time: think about emergency exits, fire extinguishers and sprinkler installations. Adding roof safety, such as a guardrail 3D object, to your model is another logical step in this process. This article explains why a guardrail should be added to your BIM model and provides you a new series of guardrail systems, ready to download in Revit and SolidEdge format.

Easy placement

Guardrail systems are a quick and smart solution when it comes to designing a roof solution. These types of systems don’t demand an extended amount of product knowledge for the designers. The exact placement, or lay-out, of a guardrail system can easily be taken into account in the earliest stage of designing a building. Therefore the use of BIM engineering (3D design) can be an excellent outcome.

By integrating for example a guardrail system into your BIM model you make sure that conflicts with other equipment, such as rooftop installations, are prevented. Which automatically results in a lower chance of making failure costs.

Why consider guardrails for rooftop protection?

Free-standing guardrails

When drilling or any other form of mounting to the roof membrane is not preferred, a free-standing guardrail system can be considered. This type of system can easily be set up near the edge of the roof (or other fall hazard) and is kept in place by one counterweight block for each upright. This is why this system is also called a non-penetrating guardrail.

Permanent guardrails

Sometimes a roof is provided with a parapet which does not meet the local requirements for fall prevention. Often the height of the parapet is not enough to make it serve as a fall protection barrier. In these cases a permanent guardrail system can be installed to, or on top of, the existing parapet to create a safe working zone for personnel entering the roof.

Fixed guardrails can also be ideal for installation when there is no parapet available. The installation takes place straight onto the walking (roof) surface.

Download our BIM-ready models

What can XSPlatforms do for you and your BIM model? Download our BIM leaflet and learn more about the possibilities of our fall protection systems in a BIM environment.

Already familiar with the XSPlatforms systems and working with BIM? Download our BIM-ready models here and see for yourself what our guardrails can do for you.

Download our 3D Guardrails BIM-ready models here


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