12 Tips for a powerful Safety Stand-Down

Tips for a powerful safety stand-down

May 7th till May 11th 2018 is National Safety Stand-Down week in the US. Initiated by OSHA, on this day employers are encouraged to talk to their employees about safety, for example the importance of fall protection. Companies in all industries can join in and promote safety at their worksite(s). We encourage employers from all over the world to also hold safety stand-downs. Safety at work is a very important issue and still far too many fall accidents occur in the workplace, sometimes with devastating outcome.

Even though a safety stand-down is about safety at the workplace, this article is mainly focused on fall accidents, because this is still the number one cause of accidents at the workplace. As face to face communication about fall hazards and fall protection is the most effective, we would like to tell you how to make the most of your safety stand-down specific for the issue of fall protection.

Take a break to discuss fall hazards

In a safety stand-down employers take time out of the work day to have a conversation with employees about fall hazards, fall protection equipment and the company’s safety policies. Putting down the work for a moment emphasizes the importance of safety at the workplace. A stand-down can be organized at any time, preferably before accidents occur as to prevent them from happening at all.

Stand-Down for safety

The National Safety Stand-Down, as mentioned by OSHA.

Tips for hosting a stand-down

When organizing a stand-down you want the meeting to be meaningful, to spark discussion and for employees to remember the issues discussed. Therefore we have put together a list of 12 tips on how to make your stand-down for fall protection successful.

Falls and the subsequent injuries are costly. Stand-downs for fall protection are a good instrument in combatting incidents and fatalities. In combination with fall protection training, stand-downs raise awareness among employees and help create a safe work environment.

Download Safety Stand-Down poster

We put all the tips for a safety stand-down in a poster. Download it for free and use it to make your stand-down for fall protection a success.

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